Tzoree Arava ~ The Balm of the Arava

Tzoree Arava ~ The Balm of the Arava
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Tzoree Arava is "The Balm of the Arava".

Apothecary Cynthia Hillson has created Tzoree Arava by using the ancient techniques of extracting the healing properties of frankincense and myrrh resin and calendula flowers into extra virgin olive oil. It is a balm that can be used to soften skin just as they did in the days of old. Great for all types of skin. Can be used for wound healing, dry and aging skin (crow's feet).

Tzoree Arava contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Frankincense and Myrrh resins; Calendula infused extra virgin olive oil, Pure essential oil of Rose Otto, beeswax and Vitamin E. 

2 oz (56 gms)

A portion of all sales from All The Trees of Frankincense goes toward the greening of the desert in fulfillment of Isaiah 35 and 51.




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