The Precious Plants of the Bible ~ A Precious Oils Study


In July 2008, Precious Oils ~ A Study of the Fragrances of the Bible was made available for purchase through my web-site, personal mailing list and at conferences. I listened to your comments and suggestions and am happy to add The Precious Plants of the Bible; Ancient Secrets ~ Modern Uses for you to begin to use essential oils from the Bible for your health and pleasure.


It was in the very beginning of Scripture (Genesis 2:8 & 9) that the Lord gave us the garden.  In Revelation 22 we find that the leaves of the tree are for healing of the nations. From beginning to the end, God has given us botanicals for health and pleasure.


There are 235 botanicals named in the Bible, and hundreds of verses that have reference to plant life. Ancient writings of Josephus, Pliney the Elder,  Jewish writings (The Mishnah  and Talmud) and the Apocrypha also have frequent references to plants. Choosing 14 Biblical plants, that have medicinal benefits through essential oil therapy, was challenging for me.  I’ve been on this journey over 20 years and have built my oil inventory little-by-little and have my favorites beyond the listing in this book.

The Precious Plants of the Bible includes essential oil properties and benefits of the following:














Olive Oil

Rose of Sharon



We consider olive oil to be the most important Biblical oil. In ancient times olive oil was used for medicine, cosmetics and fuel. The link from the ancient to the modern is beneficial as today continued research shows the benefits of not only olive oil for your health, but for the precious plants of the Bible.


In The Precious Plants of the Bible: Ancient Secrets ~ Modern Uses you will discover the healing properties of Biblical plants and how you can incorporate essential oils derived from the ancient plants into your everyday life. Essential oil basics of safety, proper dilution, therapeutic benefits, ways to use essential oils, proper storage and shelf life, and more, are included in this book. Great for the beginner, or the educated user of essential oils who desire to link the past to the future with the ancient secrets of the precious plants of the Bible with our modern uses of them with essential oils.  Book includes a small vial of Biblical essential oil (our choice, although you can make a request).





Cynthia Hillson has been married to David for 33 years. They are the parents of six children and grandparents of five. Precious Oils Up On the Hill©  is the ministry Cynthia began in 1991 after a three-day encounter with the Holy Spirit where she was instructed to “anoint the nations” and “prepare the Bride”. Cynthia is a Modern Day Apothecary who teaches about Biblical fragrances for personal delight, physical health, and spiritual growth. Cynthia lovingly calls her books and workshops a “Show and Smell” ministry.




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