Precious Oils Study Set

Precious Oils Study Set
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Precious Oils ~ A Study of the Fragrances of the Bible

You will learn  

The symbolic meaning of  Biblical botanicals. 

 Bible Dictionary References of Biblical botanicals.

Uses of Biblical essential oils, yesterday and today. 

Mountain of Myrrh and Hill of Frankincense explained.

The Two Anointings of Yeshua (Jesus) by Mary of Bethany
and the Sinful Woman.   

The Holy Anointing Oil and The Holy Incense

 Your Precious Oils Study package includes 3 oils (our choice)


Precious Oils only uses therapeutic grade essential oils and as often as possible organic ones. Your Precious Oils study is categorized as an apothecary (perfumer) would use the Biblical botanicals: Fruits, Flowers, Herbs, Leaves, Resins, Roots, Seeds, and Spices.

Precious Oils Study is full of Biblical references and an easy-to-use guide that is helping leaders of churches and women's groups, as well as home-schoolers, explore the Creator of the Universe in a new and delightful expression. Worship leaders are finding "new songs" as they embrace the oils and teachings.

Your essential oil samples are blended with fractionated coconut oil, a base oil that is normally safe for all skin types. Wisdom says to do a patch test on your inner arm if you are sensitive to fragrances. While we would love to send you full-strength essential oils it isn't possible for the price that you are paying for this study. In the future, our essential oil line will be available.


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