Ketoret Book by Apothecary Cynthia Hillson

Ketoret Book by Apothecary Cynthia Hillson
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My love for Ketoret, The Holy Incense, actually began in September 1999 during my first journey to Israel. As I sat in The Temple Institute in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel, the message of Ketoret was planted in my heart. Fascinated with the jars of botanicals on display I wanted to open them up and smell the ingredients of the Holy Incense. I took my notepad and jotted down the ingredients. When I got home I began to do an in-depth study of them knowing that there had to be the Ancient Secrets held within the Holy Incense recipe given to Moses in Exodus 30. I also knew that one day this message needed to be published and shared.

Using the symbolic meanings of the spices Apothecary Cynthia writes a vignette of the five ingredients found in the KJV and the amazing insight of the symbolic meanings found in the 11 spices found in the Jewish Siddur ingredient list.

A small vial of Ketoret is included with the teaching.




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