Esther's Oil of Myrrh 1 oz ~ 30 ml

Esther's Oil of Myrrh removed the bitterness and brokenness of Esther’s life, she was anointed to pray, fast and seek the God of her forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to the God of Moses and the Children of Israel who left Egypt on dry ground. Myrrh also represents the composite of the priesthood as it was one of the principal ingredients in the Holy Anointing Oil. Moses was instructed to use The Holy Oil to anoint the furnishings, the Ark of the Covenant in the Tabernacle in the Wilderness and upon Aaron and His sons who were anointed and set-apart with the oil. The anointing was a mishchah, which in Hebrew is a consecrated gift. Six months to be sanctified, purified and consecrated with the oil of myrrh. Deeply symbolic and full of wonder why the Lord loves myrrh so much that it is the most mentioned botanical in the Bible.

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1 oz (30 ml) $42.00 

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Your Oil of Myrrh is an apothecary blend of Myrrh essential oil (Commiphora myrrha) from Ethiopia, Somolia and Kenya and jojoba from the Negev desert of Israel. 


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Price $42.00